Here’s how things usually go for our Blueberry picking season:

Usually “beginning” picking. Most likely the Earliblues will be ready for picking. They are reasonably large, and often pick as a “clump” of berries…favorite for pickers in a hurry!!
By now, some Bluerays are kicking in. In our Family’s opinion, they have the best, most distinctive flavor when allowed to fully ripen. Somewhat more of an adventure to pick, but well worth the effort!!
Toros and Jerseys will be ready for picking…if they are not picked by over-eager pickers before now!! The Toros are our largest variety. They can grow as large as a “quarter” very easily…if not picked too early. We will try to hold pickers out of the Toro rows until proper time. Jerseys may just be secretly our next favorite. They are last to ripen, perhaps slowest to pick, but are very sweet when “right”. They make excellent cooking blueberries…although we’ve never seen a blueberry that doesn’t taste just fine in a favorite recipe!!
You may discover our signs down for the year, so be sure to contact us first. Usually by the end of the first weekend in August, we are finished up for the season. But don’t hesitate to call if you are yearning for late-season blueberry delights since the telephone message will let you know if we are still open. You could be one of those “lucky last” who find the ripest ones overlooked…Great payoff!!

Winter at our Farm