A Healthy Choice

Blueberries are just about the best all-around fruit you can choose for yourself and your family. They excel in Vitamin C and have recently been promoted for their contribution to healthy eyesight. One cup will provide 0% saturated fats, 0% cholesterol and 0% sodium. A cup will provide 100 nutritious calories, 14% of your daily fiber, and, of course 11 tasty grams of natural sugar.

How We Grow Em’

Our natural blueberries are cultivated as “high bush” blueberries in the Willamette Valley. The many varieties bring different date-of-ripening, sweetness, subtleties of flavor, color, size, and hardiness-after-picking. The plants require annual careful pruning, disease control, fertilization and other soil adjustments to bring out their best characteristics. At harvest, it’s often a question of who picks more, people or birds!!

How You Pick Em’

All you need to bring is yourself, ready to pick delicious blueberries!!! We provide buckets lined with plastic bags to store your berries as you go. Once you finish picking, we remove and weigh your bag of berries to determine the price. We also provide universal-sized belts from which to hang your bucket around your waist, which leaves you with two hands to efficiently pick. And we do have some “kid-sized” buckets for your younger helpers.

How You Enjoy Em’

Blueberries “freeze” very well as a method of preservation. They should be frozen unwashed…particularly well suited to the Beach Family Farm operation as we do not spray our plants with any pesticides. Best practice is spreading them on a cookie tray overnight in your freezer. Then pop them into your mouth like candy!

Remember Your Free Recipes!

In the free recipe brochures we supply, you will find many opportunities to enjoy!! A really good 9″ pie takes about 3 pounds of berries; a frozen daiquiri after a busy day of picking in the summer sun, perhaps a couple less. Best way to make pancakes is using about half the berries heated up in a sugar solution as syrup, with the second half chopped up with an electric mixer and folded into the batter…delightful color, and a lot less problems sticking to the pan! We’re looking forward to meeting you during our summer harvest season. Check out our calendar for the best times to come on out and visit! And be sure to contact us for more information and to confirm hours of operation.